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IGC FINAL Tag Sale, December 21st, 11am – 2pm

We are hosting a tag sale on Monday, December 21st from 11am-2pm.  Come say goodbye to Adelaide, Amy, Donna and Victoria  and take a souvenir. We have dramatically discounted office equipment, decor, furniture, books, housewares and more.  All items cash/checks and carry. 

Questions? Call 646-810-9195.








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IGC Closing Sale

We are selling our furniture, housewares, office equipment and more.

Call 646-810-9195 with your inquiries or stop by our location at 16 West 23rd Street, 4th floor, December 17 and 18, 10am-4pm.

The Final Sale  is on December 21, 11am-2pm.

Items available for prices listed OBO. Payment accepted via PayPal, check and cash.  No refunds. All sales are final.

West Elm Parsons desk $175 per desk Quantity :12/ Fiber glass partitions – $25 Quantity: 4


Dining room set $250


Desktop with monitor  – $100/Swivel chair – $40 Quantity: 13


Glass desk- $175/Plant – $60/Round table – $100/Armchair – $200 – Quantity – 2


Shelving unit – $100


White 6 shelf bookcase L 35” x height 79” x

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End of an Era for IGC

Dear IGC community,

It is with great sadness that we want to share with you the news that In Good Company will be closing on December 15th, 2015.

Our decision to close has been driven by the changing landscape in our industry and rising costs of doing business, which have made it unfeasible to run the business from a financial perspective. This decision has been heart wrenching and every alternative has been explored. We have spent this year and particularly this fall looking at and negotiating towards other possible outcomes to no avail.

In Good Company has been a great adventure and it’s hard for us to imagine life without it. Over the past 9 years, our business … READ MORE >>

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Everyday Leadership Series: Why We MUST Build a Richer, More Reflective and Inclusive Experience of Entrepreneurship | Thursday, November 12 | 6-9pm

We are thrilled to announce the next panel in our Everyday Leadership series on Thursday, November 12, from 6-9pm

Why We MUST Build a Richer, More Reflective and Inclusive Experience of Entrepreneurship: The importance of broadening our networks to strengthen our companies and our communities.

“When someone thinks of a ‘New York Entrepreneur’ we
want that image to reflect the diverse world of entrepreneurship
that we see and value.”

We began the series in June with a mission to host an ongoing conversation about how bias against women manifests in four key areas around work and business ownership, and what we can do — individually and collectively  — to combat this bias.

The four areas we focus on are:…

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From Hobby to Profession: Growing Your Online Writing Career Class Wrap Up

Although the web has royally disrupted traditional publishing it has also increased the number of opportunities for people to live and work as writers, and to choose what to write about. In her September 24th class Carol Cain, founder of the award winning site GirlGoneTravel, offered those attending a solid framework for turning their writing into a paid career.

Carol talked to students about the value of setting realistic expectations, picturing your audience and finding the courage to speak with your authentic voice; “The most beautiful writing comes from a vulnerable place. There is no way to appeal to people, to reach them, without opening up.” She also spoke about organizing your knowledge and thinking hard about how you … READ MORE >>

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Plum Alley is Changing the Way Women Fund

Undoubtedly you have, by now, heard of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, crowdfunding platforms that have changed the way creatives, inventors and entrepreneurs are raising money to develop their ideas and launch their companies — but have you heard about Plum Alley?

Founded in 2012 by angel investor Deborah Jackson, Plum Alley is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to women-founded products and businesses from diverse sectors of the marketplace. The platform enables women to raise money online from their networks and beyond, and has attracted a deeply engaged community of men and women who are committed to investing in women’s success.

On Plum Alley, 73% of the people who invest in a campaign are women, versus 78% male investors on Kickstarter. In 2014, … READ MORE >>

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Buckle Your Seatbelts! It’s Going to be a Thrilling Fall!


We know that there’s one thing that all entrepreneurs have in common and that’s you NEVER stop learning.

Because there’s always more to know we’ve designed a fun, juicy, brainy, good-feelin’, high-yielding class schedule for this fall!

We are offering 27 fantastic classes from 27 amazing instructors across 6 topic areas: marketing & sales, social media, technology, finance, legal, and leadership.

Work. Meet. Learn. Together.

Join us for the fun!

View our course catalog 

All classes are open to the public. But, as always, IGC members are FREE.

-Adelaide…

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Fighting Gender Inequity One Very Small Step at a Time


Last week we had the pleasure of having three terrific panelists speak about sexism, pioneership, gender imbalances, women and work in our Everyday Leadership panel dubbed Rosie the Riveter.

It was an ambitious topic given the fact that we had way less that the centuries apparently needed to remedy these persistent problems! Each panelist brought their own experiences as well as their professional perspectives on corporate, educational, scientific and civic organizations and environments. We talked history, we talked big picture, we talked about things that “they” can do, and we talked about things that “we” (meaning each one of us) can do. Because, in truth, if you’re not trying to be part of the solution, then you are … READ MORE >>

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4 Very Engaging Upcoming Events at IGC – Strategy, Funding, Creative, and Sales


April 21, 1-3pm
Grow Your Business (and Have a Life) in the Growing Future of Work Environment

WHAT: An interactive workshop that empowers you to evaluate the strength of your revenue streams and client base, while also looking at the costs and time that it takes to run your business.

WHY: You’ve heard of “getting more BANG for your BUCK” and this class will help you make sure that BANG is properly aligned with that BUCK.

WHO: Sophie Wade, CEO and Founder of Flexcel Network. She has an MBA from top European business school, INSEAD, and spent several years doing venture capital and playing strategic development roles in high-growth companies.

Flexcel, is deeply involved with helping entrepreneurs and … READ MORE >>

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NEW! Panel Series on Everyday Leadership @ IGC


We are thrilled to announce a new panel series for members of In Good Company.

Over the next 12 months, IGC will host a series of panels designed to empower YOU to take a role in many important issues impacting enterprising women today.  The theme for the series is:

Everyday Leadership:
How to play a small but important role in big and important issues

Each evening will focus on a different topic and feature knowledgeable and thought-provoking panelists who will not only deepen our understanding of the issues, but also instruct us on how to become everyday leaders by taking small, manageable actions that create positive change for all. The conversations will address WHY THIS MATTERS and WHAT YOU READ MORE >>

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Circle Up! IGC Launches a Peer Mentoring Program for Members

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for IGC members to create lasting relationships, leverage the strength and support of their peers, and move their businesses forward…

Circle Up!

For each problem we face as founders and owners, there exist many solutions. Being so close to the problem can often prevent us from seeing those endless possibilities. It is the purpose of each Circle Up mentoring group to discover those solutions by tapping into the collective wisdom of your fellow IGC members.

Each Circle Up! Group will consist of 4 businesses (matched according to age, size, industry and need) that will meet monthly to troubleshoot and brainstorm about the challenges that each faces in her business. We will provide

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The Best Fan Mail

Like most other entrepreneurs we draw inspiration from all around us and are constantly looking to other business to learn lessons and check out ideas. So of course we are always flattered when we are the source of someone else’s inspiration! Last week Noella de Jager, a coworking space owner from the Netherlands, got to work at IGC and it turns out that she’s been following us since our inception. She had put together the idea of a shared work space on her own but sprung into action after she saw In Good Company featured in Springwise shortly after we opened. We were thrilled to host her and to learn about the role we have played in her own story. … READ MORE >>

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What Happens When Girls are Called “Little Miss Priss” at the Science Center…by the Staff?

School is out in St. Louis and I’m in survival mode. We have several un-programmed weeks to fill before we spend a month with our families at a lake in PA. And my kids can’t go for 5 minutes without fighting with each other, especially if we are inside and extra especially if we are inside our own house. Since they wake up a little before 6am each morning, you can see why I might be panicking. But being a planner by nature, I’m coping by creating a robust and enriching calendar of activities and adventures. St. Louis has a lot to offer so it’s actually a challenge to cram a summer’s worth of events into just four short weeks.… READ MORE >>

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10 Tips for Taking Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur

I’m nearing the start of my third maternity leave in four years. Given the way that I worked for the first 6 years I was an entrepreneur I would have never thought that any time off was possible, but it is. No matter what, time off is possible. Still in order to make it happen many things need to be adjusted and planned for. I find myself talking to my self-employed friends about the specifics of maternity leave a lot. I thought it would be helpful to share some of the lessons that I’ve learned from my own experience as well as my clients’. And by the way, these are great tips for ANY time off – extended vacation, summer … READ MORE >>

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Becoming is the Hardest Part

There’s a theory used often in career counseling that refers to three modes or perspectives, all of which are integral to meaningful work and a meaningful life: doing, being, and becoming.

  •  Doing is about conducting purposeful, goal-oriented activities.
  • Being is about taking time to reflect, being introspective, and savoring the moment.
  • Becoming is about the journey. Being able to imagine your future state and seeing your present as a connected to that possibility.

I’ve thought of a lot over the years about these modes, applying them far beyond my career.

My default mode is DOING. In fact I only used to be comfortable in this mode. Yoga used to make me anxious because it’s too BEING oriented (versus other types … READ MORE >>