Classes for women entrepreneurs at igc

Contracts, Schmontracts: How to Use Client Service Agreements to Protect Your Bottom Line

Legal | Tuesday, December 1, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street


Do you ever wonder if having a professionally drafted service agreement would help you make more money? Do you feel like your clients are taking advantage of your home-made agreement or unwritten promises?

Stop using online forms that don’t protect your interests and confuse your clients!

Instead, join Elena Volkova, Esq., for this workshop and learn how to draft a good client service agreement.

We’ve seen so many deals gone wrong between very smart entrepreneurs and their clients because of agreements that didn’t reflect both parties’ expectations. Seeing how common this is, Elena has started hosting regular workshops with business owners to talk about the benefits of having clear written service agreements.

This workshop is for you if:

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Monday Night Networking

Leadership | Monday, December 7, 6-8pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

Do you just love the women at IGC? Do you want to spend more time with them? If so, join us for Monday Night Networking, the first Monday of every month from 6:00-8:00 PM. Our group will be a combination of networking, business support and resources exchange.

Here’s what you can expect (times approximate):

6-6:30 PM….. Introductions: Please arrive promptly at 6:00 PM so you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business.

6:30 – 7pm…… General Mingling

7 – 7:40pm….. Masterminding: We will break into small groups. Each person will have the opportunity to share a current challenge and receive assistance.

7:40 – 8pm…..Resource Sharing: please come prepared to end each evening with opportunities … READ MORE >>

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The Accidental Marketer: Build Your Brand Through Social Media

Social Media | Tuesday, December 8, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to reach your ideal clients by connecting with them across social media. Over the course of two hours, we will work with you to hone your brand, identify your target audience, decide which social media channels to use, and create a resource-conscious plan for executing your strategy. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of what it takes to run an effective social media campaign.

Jennifer Friedlin is the founder and owner of Iris7 Marketing, LLC, a Brooklyn-based strategic marketing and communications consultancy serving small businesses and non-profit organizations. Founded in 2012, Iris7 helps nonprofit and small business clients develop their brands, create marketing messages, craft superior campaigns, produce great … READ MORE >>